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Korniche Roof Lantern is a leading specialist manufacturer of roof lanterns that can increase natural light in the home year-round.

Due to the use of modern manufacturing techniques, Korniche roof lanterns are some of the best in the business and provide a range of benefits to your home.

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Each roof lantern is meticulously engineered to provide as much natural light as possible into the home while also ensuring beautiful aesthetics that can suit any property.

With many years of experience in the field of roof lanterns and extensions, Korniche can work to meet the requirements of all customers.

Roof lanterns can be developed for any kind of property, whether this is a traditional or contemporary setting, to offer more natural light and greater energy efficiency.

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Korniche Roof Lantern Prices

A Korniche roof lantern can cost between £500 – £5,000.

It is possible to get Korniche aluminium roof lanterns installed on any property and any roof type across the UK, but these specific requirements will contribute to the cost.

The total price for Korniche roof lanterns will vary based on the following:

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Benefits of Korniche Roof Lanterns

There are many benefits to Korniche aluminium roof lanterns which can help improve your home and create a lasting difference to your property.

These benefits should be considered when deciding Korniche over competitors such as Atlas roof lanterns due to the fact they can perform better in most circumstances.

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If you are looking to improve your living space and want to welcome more natural daylight into the home, then you will want to consider Korniche for roof lanterns.

Working with this manufacturer can provide benefits such as:

Durability and Tighter Tolerances

Due to the Korniche aluminium roof lantern framing, this manufacturer can provide a secure lantern solution for any property.

The Korniche aluminium roof lantern has been meticulously engineered with cold bridging and sculpted bosses to ensure not only breath taking aesthetics but also greater accuracy and durability than other models due to the external aluminium profiles.

The Korniche aluminium roof lantern ensures greater thermal retention with external profiles and superb weather resistance, all the while offering a minimal structure that suits any kind of property.

All of this is provided through the seamless and simple installation, which requires no silicone sealant or trimming like others on the market.

More Glass for More Light

With such a minimal structure due to the external profiles, the Korniche aluminium roof lantern has more glass than its competitors.

This allows you to see more of the outside world from within your home, all the while being protected from the weather conditions.

The minimal structure of the Korniche aluminium roof lantern allows for more natural light in the home year-round, as well as being suitable for all kinds of properties.

This particular design element is a testament to Korniche’s ability of retaining traditional features of roof lanterns, such as the Victorian-inspired ridge sections and spas while offering modern manufacturing techniques and benefits.

If you are looking for roof lanterns that offer the most thermal efficiency and light, then look no further than the Korniche aluminium roof lantern range.

Strongest on the Market

A Korniche aluminium roof lantern is the stiffest roof lantern on the market, offering not only high-performance glazing but also solid sculpted bosses for lasting structures.

The Korniche aluminium roof lantern ridge sections are engineered to support industry-leading maximum glass sizes independently.

This means there is no need for additional rafters, which can ruin the aesthetics of your new roof lantern.

Instead, Korniche’s ability to develop such durable glazing bars and aluminium roof lantern framing works in retaining traditional features of the lanterns without compromising durability.

Reduce Heat Transfer with Internal and External Aluminium Profiles

The Korniche aluminium roof lantern is designed for complete thermal efficiency, which will reduce heat transfer in your living space to maintain comfortable temperatures in all seasons.

The Korniche aluminium roof lantern is specifically engineered where all the external profiles are separated from the internal ones through thermal breaks.

This will reduce heat transfer, making Korniche roof lanterns some of the best in the business in terms of energy efficiency as well as lighting in the home.

If you would like to experience the benefits of Korniche roof lanterns for yourself, please contact the team today to learn more.

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Korniche Roof Lantern Glass Options

Korniche roof lanterns are installed with high-performance glazing in several colour options.

Each of the colour options available can provide complete roof U values from 1.0w/m2K to 1.2w/m2K based on your specifications, ensuring your home will be comfortable all year round as well as reducing your need for artificial lighting in the living space.

For the highest glass U values, customers should stick with standard colours of clear, neutral and blue, as these have complete roof U values of 1.2w/m2K.

All of these options provided by Korniche are low maintenance as they are self-cleaning, so all you have to do is take care of the internal ones. To determine which is the best option for you, please contact the team today.

What is a Korniche Roof Lantern?

A Korniche Roof Lantern is a particular brand of roof light.

Korniche roof lanterns are some of the leading lighting options on the market today. This is the stiffest roof lantern in the UK, offering lasting durability and strength in all settings, all the while providing stunning aesthetics to any property.

These bespoke roof lanterns not only increase natural light in the home but also offer better energy efficiency due to their aluminium structure. To maintain the highest reduction of heat transfer, the external spokes are separated from the internal ones through thermal breaks, helping to reduce energy bills and keep your home warm all year long.

Korniche roof lanterns can be installed on any property, including those with flat roof extensions, due to the fact that they are engineered per customer requirements. They can suit any traditional or contemporary setting with their stunning traditional features and large panels.

Korniche Roof Lantern Installation

We provide industry-leading installation services for any type of Korniche roof lantern and work across the UK.

We pride ourselves on the high quality installations and products we provide.

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Colours Available

There are three stock RAL colours when choosing Korniche lantern roofs.

Korniche Roof Lantern can also offer dual-colour and bespoke RAL and BS colours, such as anthracite grey, depending on your needs and requirements. Please contact the team today to learn more.

Configuration Options

Korniche roof lanterns can be tailored to suit the specific needs of clients, as there are many configuration options available.

This ensures they can suit any type of roof, including flat roof extensions, as well as the aesthetics of all properties.

With variations in terms of sizing up to 6m x 4m, colours including anthracite grey framing and the largest panels in the industry, there is certainly something for everyone with these lanterns.

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What are Korniche Lanterns Made From?

Korniche Lanterns are engineered using the finest aluminium for strength, aesthetics and minimal design.

Can I Have my Korniche Lantern in a Bespoke Design or Custom Size?

Clients can have their roof lantern designed and made to measure up to 6m x 4m.

What is the Thermal Efficiency of the Korniche Lantern?

Korniche lanterns are highly efficient.

This is due to the cold bridging between the external and internal profiles.

What is the U Value of a Korniche Roof Lantern?

The glass U value of Korniche lanterns is 1.0w/m2K to 1.2w/m2K based on customisations.

What Does U Value Mean?

The U Value is the measurement of the insulating capacity of the glass used in these lanterns.


Korniche is one of the leading manufacturers of lanterns in the UK, and they create bespoke windows for all kinds of properties.

Made with the finest aluminium profile and cold bridging for high thermal retention, these lanterns can reduce your energy output while being a stunning addition to the home.

The minimal structure of these lanterns allows for more natural lighting within the home, creating a beautiful atmosphere no matter the weather.

These lanterns are completely bespoke to suit your requirements. Contact the team today for a quote.

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