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Skypod roof lanterns are an incredibly popular choice for homeowners all over the UK, providing high energy efficiency and a great aesthetic view that makes it perfect for nearly any space.

As one of our most well-known roof lantern options, we work hard to ensure that every project is completed to the highest standard of quality possible.

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Our specialist installation team can help any client get the Skypod roof lanterns they want, tailored to perfectly suit the space they have chosen.

We work hard to deliver the highest possible installation quality for every single one of our Skypod roof lanterns, pitched roof skylights, and any other roof lanterns we have to offer.

Skypod Roof Lantern Prices

The average cost of Skypod roof lanterns can vary from between £500 to over £2,000, depending on the project.

Like any kind of roof extension, Skypod roof lanterns can be installed in various ways and come in a range of sizes and varieties.

Certain elements can also directly impact the cost of a Skypod roof lantern project, including:

In simple terms, a more complicated project would usually cost more money. We try to offer our Skypod range at the cheapest price point possible for each client, so contact us to get a free price estimate quote based on your initial proposal/requests.

Benefits of Skypod Lanterns

Skypod roof lanterns are versatile and very stylish, providing a range of aesthetic and practical benefits in whatever flat roofs they are installed into.

For example, installing a Skypod roof lantern can offer you the following:

Overall, Skypod roof lanterns are aesthetically pleasing and incredibly practical as decorations.

Even when installed as simple conservatory roof systems, they can provide more natural light for living space while making sure that the flat roofs extends only as far as necessary.

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As professional installers for many kinds of roof lantern designs, we understand how much of a difference Skypod skylights can make when installed properly.

We use the past experience of each complete installation to improve our next project, making sure that we are installing each Skypod roof lantern in the perfect spot.

What is a Skypod Roof Lantern?

A Skypod roof lantern is a particular brand of roof lantern designed to extend flat roofs out while still maintaining fairly compact designs.

This allows natural light to flood into the room, with the pitched roof skylights offering larger glass areas that can reflect light from more angles.

Available in a wide range of sizes and colour options, these Skypod skylights are the perfect way to extend a flat roof and turn it into a clear window.

This, combined with options like double glazing and various contemporary design quirks, make them incredibly stylish in almost any home.

Unlike openable skylights, these lanterns trade the opening doors system for a multi-directional light.

Rather than being solid glass panes on doors/hatches that are hard to open, they act as a way for natural light to hit the room from almost any angle.

Skypod roof lantern options are often used for garage conversions, kitchen diners, or anywhere else where regular aluminium skylights would be popular.

They can provide more light to kitchen diners and similar spaces than conventional aluminium skylights, alongside a range of other useful benefits.

We can supply the right kind of roof lantern style for any property and room, helping users find the colour and style of lantern they want based on their needs.

Skypod Roof Lantern Installation

Skypod roof lanterns are technically easy to install with the right preparation work, but that does not make them easy to install manually for a homeowner.

Our team make sure to install each Skypod roof lantern carefully, making sure to fit every Skypod roof lantern correctly based on its design.

With a Skypod roof lantern, a specified section of flat roofs extends out from the rest of the flat roof.

This step is what makes a Skypod roof lantern tricky to install since the flat roof itself has to be adjusted to mount the Skypod roof lantern properly.

Our team can supply high quality, superior performance, fast installation and a huge range of experience with Skypod roof lantern projects.

If you want a Skypod roof lantern of any style installed on your property, we can get the Skypod skylights installed correctly.

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Colours Available

Our Skypod roof lanterns are available in a number of beautiful colours.

Popular colours include:

We can also offer additional frame colours and specifications that are made to order if you require something a bit more bespoke.

For example, anthracite grey is a popular choice due to anthracite grey being neutral and easy to fit into any style.

The off-black tone of anthracite grey makes it one of the more popular colour options we can offer, with many homeowners choosing anthracite grey or a similar tone for their homes.

Colour choices are entirely up to the client, as are style options.

For example, blue and bronze are not going to suit every home, just like a two-bar gable will not fit a home that uses a three-bar gable for other lanterns.

We offer a good range of colours and can even help clients pick out the right blue shade for their home if needed.

Skypod Lantern Dimensions

We can offer a Skypod roof lantern in a variety of dimensions, depending on the design.

For example, a no-sidebars option can be up to 1.5m by 2.75m, while rectangular Skypod roof lanterns can be up to 2.75m by 8.7m.

Our Skypod range of sizes allows us to deliver the right Skypod skylights for each client based on their needs.

For example, we can offer both anthracite grey square Skypod skylights and anthracite grey rectangular Skypod skylights in a variety of dimensions without issue.

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What is the U Value of Skypod?

A typical Skypod roof lantern will have a 1.0 U-value.

This U value is without extra double glazing or other insulation methods.

This makes each Skypod roof lantern decent at trapping heat on its own, but the heat loss can be further increased or reduced with other additions and modifications.

If you choose clear glass and clean sightlines, then a Skypod roof lantern will receive more sunlight, leading to it heating up the room more.

Again, certain glass types and other tweaks can adjust how much heat the room traps or loses over time.

Can You Add a Roof Lantern to an Existing Roof?

A Skypod roof lantern can be added to an existing roof.

Roof lanterns are great for offering larger glass areas and greater natural light sources by extending the roof slightly, so most roof lantern options are installed on an existing roof.

Our team can help you figure out the best options for getting a Skypod roof lantern installed in your home, from the planning of the Skypod roof lantern itself to ensuring that the colours, styles and frame design are all correct.

What are the Main Features of a Skypod Lantern?

The main features of a Skypod roof lantern are its superior performance, fast installation, a wide range of styles, various frame colours, and a great level of natural lighting compared to other lantern options.

Of course, the benefits you get from a Skypod roof lantern over something like Eurocell roof lanterns depends on the option you choose.

The glass, style, colour and position on your property all depend on your own personal choices.


Whether you want a solid two-bar anthracite-grey roof lantern for garage conversions or a bright and colour-heavy option for your dining room, we can provide the ideal lantern for each client.

From a variety of colour options to a range of glass types, we understand that no two customers want the exact same thing.

When used alongside glass doors and/or windows with clear sightlines, these glass roof lanterns can become an amazing addition to any home.

Even our most basic anthracite grey options can make a significant difference to how your home looks and feels.

We offer all of our styles, colours and types of roof lanterns to customers all across the UK.

If you want to know more about what we can offer, get in touch and talk with our team to discuss the options we have available.

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